Inexpensive website design for small business

How much does a website cost to build for local business website design

Further Support & Updates

Once you become a client of Business Life Editor, you can get 1year maintenance support for adding additional plugins and minor issues.

Adding of Email Optin Form will cost $30/form

Adding new pages will cost $75/page. Always happy to guide our clients to get success. All websites are eligible for local SEO updates.

Other Services

Additionally, we provide local SEO services along with whiteboard video marketing service with youtube. Only Business Life Editor clients can avail the feature of youtube translation service at free of cost, with this option, we can translate 1video title & description to 10 major languages.

3+ Satisfied Customers

“Thanks for giving me option to join in the basic  package and my website looks great now” Janet Renolds

“Happy to have my website from your agency, and thanks for the two days of quick delivery, of course, great discount as well”

Sara Blankenship

Frequently Asked Questions

For any other Queries, you can contact us via skype:Videobells2, WhatsApp, or email. We are happy to clear your queries before we begin our workflow.
How about the project completion time?

 For a Basic package, with 4-5 pages, will be completed in 5-7 working days. Professional packages will take 10 working days maximum and Lander package will be completed on 7 working days. Daily updates will be emailed to clients.

What is your payment system?

 For the Basic package, once you purchased any 1year web hosting plan with our partner’s website, once we’ll confirm the purchase order, we’ll begin the workflow. For other packages, 60% advance payment via PayPal and the rest of the payment will be collected after completion of work.

How about the technologies used in my website?

 We’re using CMS with WordPress to build our customers websites which will be easy to access even by non-techies as well. All custom needs can be easily done with WordPress CMS, we also do HTML web designing and price will starts @ $500 for 4pages

How about my Ownership after designing completed?

We’ll send your cpanel, WP logins to your registered email once your website designing completed for the basic package and for other packages, the user needs to send full payment before taking ownership.

How can I update content after completion?

 We’re here to help to new web page designing @ 75$/page in the 1st year after that 100$/page. Contents need to be provided from the client end. If you need to update also, you can do it, if you’re aware of how to do it without collapsing the existing web design. Additional cost will be charged if web design is collapsed from the user end for redesigning the website to the old style.

How about Content and SEO for my website?

We’ll be designing all our client’s local business websites with local SEO key factors. Basic on-page SEO will be there apart from this user can do more SEO or buy custom packages from online, if the user needs to know about SEO, we’re happy to guide as well.

Content: All contents needs to be shared from the client side only. For the 1st time, we’ll update content, if the user needs to update more, an additional cost will be there based on the nature of the work.

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