There are many entrepreneurs who are trying to postpone their business on the Internet by creating a website, a page that Google likes, and that appears on local search queries to attract new potential customers.

Today, we’ll give you some tips to help you define criteria and make a little judgment on which office/person you use to build your website.

1. Responsive Website Designing
Do not fix yourself by addressing the Website as an “extra” project. The designs were initially developed only for DEsktops in the beginning and later moved to mobile devices,  so then the desktop version of the website responded in the same way.

70 to 80% of your website’s visitors do visit from their mobile phone to find out who you are, to find out about prices and services, etc.

In the case of online stores, they do not buy as much as on a desk, but “browse” your website in the subway, on the bus or at work, to see what they like and to buy them home later.

2. Place your contact information in the head of the website
You must enter your company number, a link to the contact form, and so on, in the header or header of the web. Because this is the first thing that users see on the phone and the first thing desktop users will see.

Make it the easiest way to find the contact for users and not complicate it. Even social networks could make good use of it. Few companies, which lists prices, contact information, and company information in its menu, is a good example of how it works.

You must restrict the navigation of the website to 5 tabs. The menu can consist of: Home, Contact, Who we are, Services and Testimonials.

Create a business website today.

The company website should almost always match the colors of the company logo. If this logo is well designed right from the beginning, it counts as well as one or two colors.
For this reason, you must distribute the Web in primary and secondary colors. This is already provided by various CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap 4.

5. Web speed needs to be optimized
Once a visitor enters your website and loads your website for two or three seconds, they may want to press the Back button in their browser to access another website.
For this reason, your website must be optimized according to the Google Page Speed rules. It gives developers a set of tools to get them out of the office quickly, either via a Wi-Fi connection or 3G mobile data.

It depends on the niche your company is dedicated to, but almost everyone should have a button called CTA (Call to Action) in the top menu that allows the user to press all the items and attract attention from the website.
This should be a button in a highlighted color, orange, green, and so on. Very fat and describe what you do when you tap on it: “Call Now”, “Request a Quote” etc.
We hope these tips will help you to better calculate what your business needs, and hope you get an idea of how to get your website needs to be designed.

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